Children and adults from all walks of life are welcome to come and volunteer for an hour, a day, a week, or longer! There is plenty of work and love to go around. Contact the school to make an appointment - we look forward to seeing you!


Contact the school to ask how you can help raise awareness for the children, and all those who have a disability. You could put a poster up in your office, classroom or local shop. Or you could just like and share our facebook page!


We need to employ one skilled and experienced caregiver for every 3 children that attend Canaan. This means our monthly expenditure on salaries is very high. You can help Canaan help the children by contributing towards a caregivers' salary.

As a Non-Profit Organisation Canaan is always in need of financial assistance. Any amount, big or small can make a difference, be it a once off donation or a monthly pledge. 


You might have more to offer than you realise! Maybe you are good at DIY, or have a green finger in the garden? Maybe you are excellent at reading stories to children or can play an instrument? Teachers, artists, massage and beauty therapists, hair dressers...



Canaan will always need money to keep its doors open, but there are hundreds of other items you can donate to help the school. Download our needs list now to see the many other things that Canaan needs to keep running. 


Don't have any spare cash to donate? Why not do some fundraising for Canaan? You could organise a fun run, put a collecting tin in your office or classroom, or have a bake sale. You could even collect food, second hand clothes and toys, even bedding for our children.


Some children who desperately need to attend Canaan are unable to because their families cannot afford school fees. The school has a hardship fund that you can contribute to, so that every child has the opportunity to access the vital care and therapy they need.  

Want to help but not sure how? Get in touch with the school and maybe we can give you a few ideas.

Call us:

071 422 4723

Find us: 

5 Glen Eagles Road, Bunkers Hill, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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